Smart bathroom mirrors still remain in the world of science fiction, with useful concepts appearing in films and comics. Some resourceful Makers have managed to create smart mirrors that are close but never quite up to our expectations and dreams. However, Max Braun, Software Engineer at Google and DIYer might have come the closest to a real IoT mirror that we’ve ever seen

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Braun used a combination of Android and Amazon Fire for the UI and weather forecasting APIs plus an RSS feed from the Associated Press to create a wonderful way to wake up. The mirror is impressive at first glance, with a clean, futuristic look, but Braun calls the mirror a work-in-progress.

Inside the mirror is a tangle of wires with an Amazon Fire Tv at its heart running Android.

Google Now Mirror

Google Now Mirror

Braun says he’s still not finished experimenting with the possibilities of display able information, including “traffic, reminders, and essentially anything that has a Google Now card”

Google Now Mirror Inside
Inside the Google Now Mirror

Take my money.

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