Google Celebrates 15 Years


Today, Google has turned 15 years, and its celebrating with more than just easter eggs.  at 15 years young, Google has created the kinda of company that few people thought could exist 10 years ago.

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Google X labs, Google Glass, Google’s self driving cars.  Google has moved so far beyond mere searches that find your webpage.  Its turned a vast profit, and as it began to charge for ad space, it became one of the largest companies on the planet.  AdWords was the first to target ads based on what the user was searching for – a huge step.

Along came Gmail, Chrome, Chrome OS, the purchase of YouTube, Blogger, Google Maps, Google Earth, and even Android.

Google may have bought its way into a lot of its business, but it seems to have managed it right – leveraging one sector to bolster another.  As Google’s system begin to know us better, the line between privacy and security become ever blurred.

As the motto used to say: don’t be evil.

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