Android is a market leader in mobile OS, and it’s now on over 1 billion – billion with a ‘B’ – devices. All these devices could be getting an upgrade with Android 4.4, and we now know what the newest iteration will be named: KitKat

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Android had suffered from Fragmentation across devices for some time, and not all devices will be able to upgrade.

Android 4.4 was rumoured to be going by the name of Key Lime Pie, but as it turns out, a giant Android mascot has appeared on Google campus made entirely out of, yep, Kit Kat bars.

We’re don’t know if Google has to pay to use the name, but word is that KitKat will be “an amazing Android experience for everybody.”  Its being rumoured that the first handset to get KitKat will be the Nexus 5, which is allegedly based off of LG’s G2 processor

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything about the specs behind the cute name

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