Goodbye, 2019


This all started way back last spring.  It was a sunny morning in 2019, the snow had been gone for a couple of weeks already.  The IONS team huddles around a big table talking science and technology, trying to figure out where we were in science, what this year would hold and what our goals would be.  Every year, Science throws us some interesting curve balls.

By the time April had come around, we had ditched alot of our plans.  We figured we had already heard of the #1 story for our 2019 round up, due out next week.  A team of astronomers had just announced that they had photographed, for the first time, a black hole.  This wasn’t even a near-by black hole; it was 55-million light years away.  Taking that kind of picture would mean needing a telescope the size of our own planet.

And that’s pretty much what astronomers did.

There’s a lot of amazing science behind the black hole story itself, but it’s just the announcement that keeps our team going; the sheer curiosity and thrill about what our species will learn and accomplish next.  It’s why we are excited to write about study after study, which take place over many months.  It’s why we are nearly giddy over a photograph taken so fantastically far away.  It’s why were are so alarmed at a picture of dogs sledding across a lake in Greenland.

It’s the ultimate adventure.

Our annual roundup is slowly getting underway, and what a year 2019 was.  Gene therapy became a BIG deal. Quantum computing took another huge leap forward.  AI was everywhere.  Self driving cars are in driveways.  Space has ignited with a vast field of new companies vying to take man off-planet for good.  The letters CBD were everywhere.

If you are as curious as we are, then join us.  This year is for all of us.

Buckle in.

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