It’s finally happened. The day we thought would never come. Thanks to a service called Giphy, you can now post GIFs on Facebook

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Giphy, a GIF search engine, slapped together a piece of code that makes gifs loop on a Facebook posts. It’s similar to linking to a piece of video.

You can copy/paste the URL of the page or embed into Facebook via the ‘share gif function’. It works like a charm, however the Gif must come from Giphy’s own site.

In the hustle and bustle of the news, Giphy crashed early Thursday morning, but they were backup by midday.  When reached for comment, a Facebook spokesperson said,  “Facebook does not support animated GIFs.” End, period.

While Facebook might not officially endorse what Giphy is doing, it still works. Head over and check it out.

[Via Giphy]

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