Get App and Go: A brief review of the “Runtastic” fitness app


Winter is wrapping up and if you’re anything like me, you put on a few pounds over the holidays…and then a few more for the next three months because it was too cold out to do anything active.

A company called Runtastic has released a slew of fitness apps to get you back on track.

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Their basic eponymous app keeps track of every piece of pertinent data you can think of. Just a few of the stats available are the elapsed time of your run, your distance, calories burned, speed and elevation. Runtastic even uses an onboard GPS to track the difficulty of your run based on the topography of the terrain you’re running on. This makes for much more accurate measurements as compared to other running apps.

On the social side, Runtastic has built a community on their website where users can sign up, create and share routes, and keep track of the results from each of their workout sessions. This provides a pretty neat way to track your progress and keep an archive of your past workout sessions.

The app does its fair share for the $5.69 price tag, but for someone who is maybe not as serious about running and could do without some of the bells and whistles, there’s a free version of the app available. In fact, there’s a free version of every Runtastic app available, letting users try before they buy.

The various apps under the Runtastic umbrella get very specific, catering to particular kinds of workouts from running and cycling to squats and pull-ups. Not to mention a few extras that are handy for serious runners or hikers like a heart rate monitor, pedometer, timer and even an altimeter app.

Numbers work wonders and seeing your progress at the end of each workout is definitely a good motivator to keep going. A simple and clean UI and availability on pretty much every mobile platform is the icing on the cake that makes Runtastic a great fitness app.

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