Gesture Control and Holograms Come Together


Leap Motion’s gesture control looks like the future.  Now if only it could control a hologram.  How cool would that be?  Well, that’s exactly what Robbie Tilton did, and the result is pure Tony Stark goodness.

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Using a four-sided pyramid over a display, Tilton projected a floating earth from a flat screen onto the pyramid display, and, using Leap Motion, managed to twist and spin it like it was right out of an Iron Man movie.

A new way to manipulate holograms

Live the Future

One day, we will not just watch TV, but be immersed in 3D holograms, and able to interact with them.

How will this change us?

And doctors can take scan and manipulate, move, peer into the human body like never before.  The combination gesture control and holograms have a lot of exciting potential together.

[Via Gizmodo]

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