Have you ever had too many of the same object in your home? I mean like, collecting random things from childhood. Old pencil cases, binders and broken cups. Well, as a part of Toronto’s Interior Design Show, Andrea Kordos, Joe Knight, Tony Round and Sarah Knight of blackLAB Architects worked together on a very interesting exhibit.

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They created a giant mosaic out of pencil crayons. The gradient of coloured pencils range from black on the edges to white near the center and feature 25 different colours. The exhibit attempts to “obscure the connections between architecture, art, graphic design and cinematography.”

Usually the art-speak that gets used can be rationalized, but I still can’t see any connection to cinematography. Much like the wall made from gold tee’s, the concept is beautiful and rather well designed but the process seems most tedious. The colourSPACE has been on display as a back wall to a boardroom – so the practical applications are there, but the question now stands, why the pencils?

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blackLAB Architects website
Interior Design Show website
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