With Samsung’s release for their new flagship smartphone the galaxy S7, they have already started releasing their annualized Active version of their more casual, stylized S line. The Galaxy S7 Active being touted as a phone for people who have a very rough lifestyle may fall short to the claims with tests by Consumer Reports showing that the the S7 Active could not live up to it’s 30 minutes in 5 feet of water claims.

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The thing that makes these report ever more bewildering is the fact that it’s “non rugged” counterparts, the S7 and S7 edge passed the Consumer Report tests with no problem, while the active was left with an unresponsive touchscreen and water found in the camera module.

The folks over at the Consumer Report made sure they did another test with another S7 Active unit incase they had a defective unit with no avail. The unit like the first tested one had a unresponsive screen alongside water in the camera module and in the SIM card slot.

The researchers let the phones dry for two days and found them to be unresponsive and in the end obsolete. A spokes person for Samsung said in a written statement “There may be an off-chance that a defective device is not as watertight as it should be,” with their researchers going into investigation mode to figure out the problem. Until then you should hold off buying a S7 Active and if you already own one, postpone that fishing trip on the lake.

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