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Sligh Hutch

If you are like me, as soon as you get home, the first thing you want to drop off is your laptop, smartphone and possible iPod, depending on the commute.  It doesn’t matter where, it’s just time to relax.  Other people – crazy people – have an organized system, where they put everything in its place.  For those people – again, crazy – Michigan based company Sligh Furniture has created the FCC, the Family Communications Centre.

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The Family Communications Centre is a traditional looking hutch and desk combo that manages to include all the chargers, docks, and cables you could ever need to keep your tech organized and in place.

desk/secretary from Sligh
desk/secretary from Sligh

Set to start shipping this spring, the Family Communication Centre will be available in both classical mahogany ($2,945) and a more modern distressed black finish ($3,395).

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