France has taken the next step to the top floor into the green movement.  The new law mandates that all new buildings constructed in commercial zones in France must be at least partially covered by either plants or solar panels.

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These new roofs are known as Green Roofs not only help the exterior environment, but the building itself.  By having these roofs, it helps cool the buildings in the summer and heat the building in the winter. They also have the ability to absorb excess rainwater, which prevents runoff, as well as providing homes to birds and other animals in dense cities with ever less trees.

The original application by environmentalists was to have the Green Roof entirely cover any new structures.  Although the application was not fulfilled entirely, by having even a partially covered roof is definitely in the right direction for France.

A Green Roof Can Reduce Heat, Water Runoff and Save Money

green_roof France 2

By having this law in effect means that businesses in France have the option/opportunity to install solar panels on their roofs. Solar panels means that the businesses would be able to use less energy provided by the city/country as it would be generating its own.  It also means that their electricity bill would be lower, and hence saving them money.

GreenRoof France

The Green Roof mandate Already In Some Countries.

This Green Roof concept is new to France, but has already been adopted in Germany and Australia, as well as Canada.  In Toronto, a by-law was passed in 2009 which mandated all new industrial and residential buildings have green roofs. The hope should be that all countries adopt this policy, as it would help with the destruction of natural habitats in cities.

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