Freeze creamer pods for iced coffee

On the heels of our post about freezing coffee into Ice Cubes for non-watery IceCapps, a reader tipped us off to this great idea:  freeze non-dairy creamer pods to cool down regular coffee instead.

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The original hat tip for this goes to Reddit user wadel.  Most of our readers know by now about the Coffee-Cube trick:  freeze coffee in a cube to cool down a hot cup without diluting it with extra water.  However, if you freeze creamer pods, you can kill two caffeinated birds with one stone.

You don’t actually need to buy single-serve packets of creamer or milk for this to work:  you can buy it in a regular container and freeze it in an ice cube tray, and they provide a quick way to cream-up your coffee to your liking.

Be warned though; freezing dairy, such as milk, doesn’t always work out as well.

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