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Fixstars’ 6TB SSD: The Largest Small Storage To Date

Fixstars’ 6TB SSD: The Largest Small Storage To Date

Since the development of computers, it has always been the goal to continuously create smaller and more powerful units.  In the last 20 years, these capabilities has been exponentially successful, including the development of compact computers and even cell phones.  Solid-state drives (or SSD) are one of the newest developments in the computer world, and with no actual motor – or any moving parts for that matter – the have become a more efficient way of storing information.

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This is the world’s largest capacity 2.5-inch SSD

(for now).

The latest version that has been developed is that of a 6 terabytes SSD card by Fixstars.  In addition to a large storage capacity, the card is equipped with up to 540 MB/s of read speed and 520 MB/s of write speed, which makes it the most powerful 2.5-inch SSD currently available.

Speed Matters: SSD vs HDD
Speed Matters: SSD vs HDD

The SSD  is not yet available on the market, and an exact price has not been announced.  However, a similar version of the SSD card that is currently available, which only has 1 TB of storage, sells for $1000 so it is likely this card will be pricey.

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