FIXD App Lets You Communicated and Diagnose Your Car


A new kickstarter project is aiming to be the go to tracker for your car.  FIXD is a device that will connect to your car’s On Board Diagnostics-II port and then feeds you information via Bluetooth straight to your smart phone.

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It lets you know when you need an oil change, when you need to replace your air filters, what condition your airbags are in, if your car needs more coolant and more. It even lets you know the consequences for ignoring the apps repair warnings.

FIXD will plug directly into the Car, so you don’t have the worry about its battery dying, because there is no battery.

The first version of the app is Android only, with an iOS version in the works.

The campaign ended on September 14th, 2014 and surpassed the $30,000 goal.

[Via KickStarter]

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