The Blaze is the latest generation of smart fitness watches by the wearable tech brand Fitbit.

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Improving upon customization and style, the vibrant color touchscreen offers accessory options for the bands and frames and hi-res multi-faceted clockfaces — selections that rival the Apple Watch. The Blaze also offers enhanced fitness options to provide more accurate real-time stats for the user along with other standard features including smart notifications and connects to GPS via your phone. Pre-order yours now at Fitbit for $199 USD.

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  1. Yeah, it doesn’t have built-in GPS, it uses the phones GPS (called “connected GPS”). Good thing you have your facts straight…

  2. looks quite cool… am planning for a new smartwatch come b’day time and was considering the Moto360 … this might be a contender though as I already have a fitbit (HR) and have enjoyed it so far


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