Hot on the heels of a similar Apple rumour, Google is said to be developing an Internet-enabled watch.

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Not that this seems completely out of the ordinary, but the competition between Apple and Google seem to be growing – especially after the Apple smartwatch rumours.  However, the amount of engineers going into both companies to create something that was originally designed to just tell time, is amazing.

Google’s smartwatch is being developed in the company’s Android unit, rather than in the X Lab, where the company’s other wearable product – Product Glass – originated. Google, apparently has declined to comment at this time, but the leak of information is definitely making it’s rounds on the internet.


Google currently holds a patent in which it is stated that there will be a smart-watch with a flip-up display.

This patent was granted last fall and would thus be in the company’s best interests to capitalize on.

Wearable computing seems to be the next big thing, and with the added push of the Google Glass, is making a wearable computer-watch seem more possible. Not to mention the notion that Samsung has already started to develop a smart-watch which should be internet connected.

Google Smart Watch face

As much as we’d like to say that this would be a fresh idea, these watches would just add to an already crowded market including the Pebble, the Sony SmartWatch, i’m Watch, WearIt, Metawatch, Cookoo Watch, Moto360 and assorted watch-like sports devices.


So, if having your phone on you constantly or having a variety of different devices on you to do all of the same things, now they will be attached to you through your glasses and now watches.  Who will fire the first salve in this new battleground?  As consumers know, ‘Apple vs. Google’ is always good for customers.

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