Ferrari Turns Its Cockpit Seat Into a Desk Chair

Now you can give your own office space a Ferrari-approved upgrade.

Ferrari Poltrona Frau cockpit desk office chair

Ferrari has given the prototypical desk chair a gorgeous sports car-inspired overhaul, linking up with Italian outfit Poltrona Frau to introduce the Cockpit Desk Chair.

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Crafted in honor of Milan Design Week, the Cockpit Desk Chair is exactly what it sounds like: a desk chair meant to resemble a racing seat from Ferrari’s stable. Helmed by Ferarri’s own head of design Flavio Manzoni, the chair comes in two versions: the President and the smaller Executive. Both iterations not only feature the same upholstery Ferrari uses in its cars, but come with a carbon fiber external shell while the aluminum base takes cues from the mechanisms found in a Ferrari steering wheel.

Said Poltrona Frau general manager Nicola Coropulis:

The idea that Ferrari proposed to us was to bring the emotions that one feels while driving a Ferrari car into a seat that could fit a working environment. The choice of a chair was quite natural. We avoided just putting some wheels under a Ferrari car seat, and we created an object that is unique on its own.

The Cockpit Desk Chair will be available soon at select Poltrona Frau dealers and flagships worldwide.

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