Fake Google Glass Ad Pulled From Ebay

eBay Google Glass

After bids soared past $15,000 USD, eBay shut down the auction of a pair of Google Glasses (Glass?).  The headset is priced at $1,500 USD, with the fake pair driving the price up almost 10 times.

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While the auction had many hoping that Google had begun to promote or give away a pair of the incredible glasses, Google does have plans to give away almost 8000 pair of the concept eyewear.  The crux of the issue is that the seller – “bla7kcat” – didn’t or couldn’t even have a pair on hand.

Here’s what “Bla7kcat” had to say about the item for sale:

[“…I am selling a pair of Google Glasses (Project Glass glasses). I’ve been selected as an early adapter for Google’s upcoming release. You are buying a brand new unopened pair of Google’s Project Glass glasses. I will be personally attending and picking up my pair in either Los Angeles, or New York at Google’s Project Glass launch event, which will take place some time after February 27th.  As for what colors will actually be available, will vary, if I am offered a choice, I will choose the color of your choice (see listing picture for variants). My cost to buy my glasses is $1,500 (USD), so obviously that’s where I’ve started the auction at. Project Glass will be shipped with Insurance at my expense, and signature upon delivery, so please use an address you can accept delivery in person”…]

The user claimed to have been selected to receive one of the 8000 pairs, and was selling the pair before he/she had even received them.  Google, however, has said they haven’t sorted out their list of recipients.  The deadline for applications was Wednesday, February 27, and wont be notifying winners until mid-March.

Heres a screenshot of the auction:

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