Pretty much anyone using an iPhone or iPod touch has updated to OS 2.0.  And of those people who have updated, most are very well aware of the myriad of amazing apps made available to their iDevices now that Apple has launched it’s App Store.  As far as social networking goes, the most popular app, obviously, is Facebook.  Amongst all free applications, it lands in ninth place, just ahead of AIM.

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We’ve written more than one article about how great Facebook on iPhone is, both as a website and as an application.  When you compare Facebook’s App against it’s main rival MySpace, its hard to believe that the first-on-the-scene’s iPhone application, which was visually beautiful and well-designed, is just not modern enough.

The MySpace mobile application sits on that list at #15

Last night, when Facebook dropped an update to it’s application, it was a moment of clarity: why did I even lost version 1.0?  Version 1.1 is clearly was what Facebook was meant to be.

How do you describe the 1.1 Update?  Its everything that is important about Facebook, minus third-party applications.  Status Updates are still here.  Facebook Chat is also still here, just better.  You can now view your wall and the walls of your friends, and write to them.  You can also view everyone’s photo libraries, which is new to the application, but something you’ve been able to do via the website.

These little changes are such basic ‘duh, of course’ moments, because they are the foundation of what makes Facebook great.  It’s strange that they weren’t in the application in it’s first iteration.  Facebook, since it’s launch, has become one of the biggest photo libraries on the web, and user’s activity on their own walls is so extensive that it seems more than an oversight that allowed Facebook to keep them out of play.

It just makes sense that these options are embedded in an application that is built for a device that is quickly becoming known as the smartphone.  In retrospect, it seems quaint, almost strange to think these functions in 1.1 were left of out 1.0

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