Facebook has released an update to its iOS app that promises new features and a snazzy redesign.  This update may have more to meets the eye though, as iPhone users in both the United States and Canada will be able to use the new app to make voice calls for free.

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Free Voice calling was introduced in Facebook’s Messenger app back in January, but the option has jumped ship and landed on the main Facebook app.  The company also added an “Audio” feature to its main app a few weeks back.

The “Free Call” button is pretty easy to use.  The feature shows up in the chat menu, located on the right side of the application.  Choose a name, and select the Free Call feature.  One catch:  the contact you are calling must also have Facebook 5.5 on an iOS phone.

The app has also been redesigned, all the way to the very buttons you use to comment, share and like.  Facebook has been pushing themselves to bring as many features to as many users as it can.  As platforms and devices multiple and vastly increase beyond just Smartphones, Facebook has had to scramble to make all features usable across all platforms.

Grab the updated iOS app here

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