Facebook is in mid-roll out of a new featured that allows users to share and contribute to photo albums. Until this feature, photo albums have always been a one-sided affair, curated exclusively by the owner of the album (read: the owner of the damn camera). This new feature, announced Monday, allows users to add contributors who in turn can add photos themselves.

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You’ll know about the new feature when you see a pop-up telling you your account is ready to begin sharing albums. Sharing an album is as easy as clicking the button.

If you want to create a new album, you’ll have to add at least one photo first before the album can be shared.

After making the album a shared album, you’ll be asked to add a friend (or friends) to make them contributors to the album. Facebook will auto fill names to make the whole easy process even easier.

Once you’ve added everyone you think would be a good contributor, you can also add the option of having those friends invite their friends into the album. You can set the privacy level for the newly shared album to contributors only, friends of contributors, or plain old public

The contributors, once added, will receive an alert notifying them that they’ve been added and that they can start adding their own photos.

When any contributor adds a photo to the shared album, the albums owner receives a notification. The owner can also choose to delete photos from the album, incase the album involves a party from the night before. The owner can also revoke sharing rights, by removing any contributors.

This new feature is still being rolled out, but it will probably be as popular as it is helpful. Gone are the days of multiple pictures in multiple albums in multiple accounts. Thanks, Facebook.

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