Facebook Launches iPhone Application


Facebook has launched is own native application for iPhone, to coincide with the anticipated launch of Apple’s own App Store, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2 operating system.

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While Facebook has had it’s iPhone site available for almost a year, the Facebook iPhone native application will run much faster, and have more features to integrate with the iPhone 3G’s built-in capabilities.

Currently, you can take photos with your iPhone, and then post them to your Mobile Uploads album on Facebook, as well as use Facebook Chat.  Facebook says it will soon let users take advantage of the iPhone 3G’s GPS abilities, and share their location with friends.

Its heavily expected that there will be a lot of ‘find near me’ iPhone applications coming in the next few months, but Facebook is already in the envious position of being the leading place to find your friends, mostly thanks to it’s size, reach and accuracy.

Not to be outdone, Loopt also launched an iPhone application today.

The Facebook for iPhone application will work on the original iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone 3G.  You can download it now on your iPhone or iPod touch using Apple’s App Store.

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