Every Facebook User Ever, In a Single Image

faces of facebook

If you want to understand just how many people are on Facebook, website The Faces of Facebook has managed to cram ever single user ever onto a single page.  Each pixel is a user’s profile picture, and there are over 1.2billion pixels, which you can zoom into, each with its own face. If you’re on Facebook, one of them is yours.

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Freelance designer Natalia Rojas is behind the Faces of Facebook, and looking at it is eerily reminiscent of looking at a noise on a TV with no channel.  The more you zoom in, the clearer it becomes: this is no noise – it’s a grid.  And by sheer number, it’s a snapshot of 1/6 of our planet at once.

faces of facebook

It’s a little chaotic at first, but the images are actually organized by the order in which people signed up to the social network.  Go ahead, zoom in.  You’re in there somewhere…

[Faces of Facebook via Gizmodo]

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