Reading the morning paper on a mobile, handheld device during your morning commute makes complete sense, if only to save us the burden of having to roll/fold/origami that newspaper while getting off at your next stop.  This year, your daily newspaper could finally be digital.

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According to the The New York Times (registration required), ePaper devices are being tested by a financial daily in Belgium.  In stark contrast to the horrible e-readers from the early 2000’s, devices in development by Sony and Philips have screens that reflect light, instead of transmitting it.  This makes them look more like paper than a screen.

ePaper eReader
First Generation ePaper eReaders left a lot to be desired….

The second-gem readers will also have Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, meaning you can download updated information on the go – getting your up-to-date and up-to-the-minute news breaks.  This has given rise to publishers – such as the Times – offering up content formatted specifically for superthin ePaper e-readers.

Of course, these days, anyone with a smarthphone or tablet have been likely getting up-to-the-minute news for some time now, but the hope is that ePaper readers could reach those important, paper-thin dimensions, giving rise to a new platform, getting content on a roll-able screen to replace newspapers, or getting the ePaper technology into smartphones and tablets alike.

What will our newspapers look like when ePaper finally reaches it’s promised goals?

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