In celebration of The National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT) ‘s 10th anniversary, French artists and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux turned the NACT’s nearly 2,000 square meter Special Exhibition Gallery room into the Forest of Numbers.

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Moureaux explained his installation was meant to symbolize NACT’s next 10 years:

More than 60,000 pieces of suspended numeral figures from 0 to 9 were regularly aligned in three dimensional grids. A section was removed, created a path that cut through the installation, invited visitors to wonder inside the colorful forest filled with numbers. The installation was composed of 10 layers which is the representation of 10 years time. Each layer employed 4 digits to express the relevant year such as 2, 0, 1, and 7 for 2017, which were randomly positioned on the grids. As part of Emmanuelle’s “100 colors” installation series, the layers of time were colored in 100 shades of colors, created a colorful time travel through the forest.

-Emmanuelle Moureaux

Born in France in 1971, Moureaux has been living in Tokyo since 1996, where she founded the Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design group in 2003.


Inspired by the colours and textures of Tokyo which leave a ‘depth and density’ on the streetscape, as wells as traditional Japanese elements, like sliding screens, Moureaux created shikiri: literally meaning dividing or creating pace with color.  She uses colours as separate layered elements in order to create spaces, not simply as a finished touch on a surface.

forest-of-numbers-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-8 forest-of-numbers-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-8 forest-of-numbers-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-8 forest-of-numbers-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-11 forest-of-numbers-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-7 forest-of-numbers-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-7

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