Elon Musk Shows Off Iron Man Style Interactive Display


Every time Elon Musk talks, he says or does something so incredible, people think he’s a madman with a science degree from the future.  But then he has to go and back it up.  Like the time he said he was working on a UI that was similar to the Iron Man movie.  Everyone who saw the movie wanted that ability to twist and interact with a hologram in mid-air.  So, Musk made a video showcasing his own setup and its awesome.

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While its not quite the same hologram-y-goodness, Musk has created something very cool, and very futuristic.  Using only a Leap Motion controller and some run of the mill 3D displays, the man behind PayPal and Hyperloop has something that looks and acts a heck of a lot like the interactive table in Iron Man.  It’s a little crude and has a long way to go, but if this is the first prototype, this thing will be wicked.

After founding PayPal, Tesla, DragonX and then the Hyperloop,

Musk is turning his attention to User Interfaces

In the video, Musk talks about the evolution behind his interface.  The team behind the UI has gone through tradition displays, Oculus Rift, even using 3D monitors and glasses, but ended up using a free-standing glass projection system to best fit the Iron Man idea.

Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark?

The display can be manipulated via gestures, then approved and with a wave, sent off to get 3D Printed.  They don’t seem to be able to design the product, or alter the design in any way, which is what Tony Stark did.  For a first try at a real-time 3D interface, Musk has really proven that he basically IS Tony Stark in real life.

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