Electroloom is a 3D Printer for Clothes


Okay, this titles bares some explanation.  When Electroloom first showed up on Kickstart, we all described it as a ‘3D Printer for Clothes’.  Well, it’s a pretty good description, but not entirely accurate – it’s not the full picture behind Electroloom.

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Instead of created a piece of clothing using melted plastic, Electroloom uses what it calls ‘Field Guided Fabrication’ – less a 3D Printer and more a cotton candy machine.

The Clothes printer uses a technique called electrospinning to turn a liquid solution into clothes fibres, which are then shot out of a nozzle, guided onto a 3D mold on the Electroloom’s internal electric field.  As soon as they land on the field, they bond together to make a non-woven fabric that can fold and move just like any other clothing.  The process is still in the works, but the prototype can produce beanies, skirts and tank tops with no problem.


The Electroloom team is now working on different liquid solutions that can turn into fabrics, so users will have more colour and fabric options.

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