Whenever the Ions crew heads south of the border for a news story, a live event or a trade show, we always stop at Dunkin’ Donuts.  It’s one of our guilty pleasures – but still not as good as Canadian institution Tim Hortons.  However, we lately have been opting to forgo the better-tasting and cheaper-than-starbucks coffee due to our long-standing anti-styrofoam cup position.

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While hardly scientific, I often regard styrofoam cups as being worse for the environment as a whole than, say, paper cups.

Turns out, I’m not alone in my polystyrene-based scorn.  There’s so much disdain for the cups that the chain is finally moving to make a materials change.  According to the Boston Globe, the company announced in a press release that they will:

The Boston Globereports that the company announced in a press release Wednesday that it

“begin the process of getting rid of all of the polystyrene cups starting this spring and will replace them with a ‘double-walled’ paper cup in its U.S. restaurants.”

The push for double-walled cups is meant to protect customers dainty hands from the horror of Hot Coffee.  Fear not, DD’s iconic re-closable coffee lid will still stick around.

In a tweet, Dunkin’ Donuts calls the change “more sustainable” and the official press release notes that the move will eliminate a billion styrofoam cups from the garbage dump.  New York City and California locations will be the first to see the new cups, with a phased-in roll out hitting the rest of the country shortly after.  The company is, apparently, on something of a self betterment kick:  the company also recently announced it would begin eliminating artifical dyes from all it’s drinks and frostings.

Taking a quick, informal Twitter survey, it seems most Dunkin’ drinkers are on board with this latest change, which does seem a bit overdue.  The only group concerned with the move appears to be the iced-coffee drinkers, whom are used to putting plastic cups into polystyrene ones so they can walk around without cold hands.  A solution to that problem has yet to be worked out, although, sleeves work well.

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