A mere couple of hours after saying it would be available soon, Apple has dropped its latest OS for computers, OSX Yosemite. Grab it here

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It’s really damn good too.

The latest iteration of the venerable Mac OS offers a bit of a design refresh, bringing some of the best looks for iOS 7.

Yosemite boasts, amongst other features, a newly charged Spotlight function that searches not only your laptop or desktop PC, but also the internet. Mail has been updated to include mail drop, letting you send attachments up to 5GB to the cloud and even letting you annotate your email with images and documentation. The best feature, and part of the reason for the design overhaul, is Handoff, a continuity feature that lets you start a task on iOS and pick up on OSX – or vice verse

Read about all the new stuff from the latest keynote here and grab Yosemite here.

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