While the world was going crazy over whether or not the internet was slowing down, three villains, fresh from a James Bond movie has set out to destroy the physical Internet by cutting submarine communications cable.

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Egyptian Coast Guard happened upon their suspicious boat off the coast of Alexandria.  They caught the 3 divers, allegedly in the middle of severing a crucial cable.  Cutting undersea cables is a very real danger to the internet, as they act as choke-points, connecting pieces of land to one another.  They are also notoriously hard to guard, being underwater and all.

The Hackers were caught in the middle of attempting to sever an underseas cable

This is a serious situation, and its hard to believe that the Internet does have a physical side.  Major cables carry information and in places where they form truck lines, disruptions can have very dire circumstances.

Underseas Internet cables
The men were caught at Node 5, a chokepoint for Middle-East Internet service
[The] Navy today successfully foiled 3 divers, while they cut submarine cable for connection to the Internet, the company’s Telecom Egypt, near the coast of Shatby in Alexandria … [The] Navy chased Bnas fishing which was launched from three divers, and arrested all crew members and handed them over to the border guards to take the necessary legal action against them.

– Official Military Spokesman of the Armed Forces of Egypt

Theres no word on what the divers had planned, or why they hated free access to sleeping kittens, but over the past few days there have been unexplained disruptions to underseas cables in Europe and the Middle East.  Was this a coordinated plan?  What is the purpose for the attack? Is this part of a larger attack, or has hacking gone real world?

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