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Discord update to 0.0.255

Discord update to 0.0.255

Every gamer’s favourite hang out Discord has updated it’s software for macOS to version 0.0.255.  And the change log notes are just….something else.

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Just…here they are, verbatim:

  • We did some heavy tinkering on Discord’s core infrastructure. Most of the following bullets are related to this. Queue the Daft Punk track.
  • We’re not joking, please listen to this while reading for maximum impact.
  • Large servers perform better in general. CPU and network usage is about the same regardless of server size (whether a hundred people or a hundred-thousand people).
  • Offline members are no longer hidden after you cross one-hundred members. We turned this off long ago for tech… and it is back. Offline lists in large servers are still hidden, though.
  • Discord uses a lot less data now. Long live your data plan.
  • Discord uses a lot less battery now. Longer live your battery life. Also, the iOS app loads faster. Android imminent.
  • Large Discord servers can now grow much larger. This one’s for you, Fortnite.
  • Select Xbox Insiders can now connect their Xbox account to Discord. Will be available to the rest of us mere mortals sometime in the very very very near future.
  • Audio files can now be played directly in Discord to minimize the time it takes for people to listen to your toasty mix tape.
  • Screenshare now includes audio! Now your friends can yell at you to kill the Genji behind you.
  • New authentication screens are sexy af. Go check out how wavy they are.
  • Added a volume slider to the inline media player because that llama video someone sent me was loud and confusing.
The instant invite pop up now has user suggestions for speed running server invites. UX BOOOOOOST :rocket:
  • Turned off a few lights in dark theme. There’s more dark now. That’s how that works.
  • If you’re a YouTuber or a streamer and love Discord, you should apply for the Discord Partner Program and increase your coolness factor by at least 16%

Some great things in there, including audio screen shares, using less data and less battery for mobile users and more.  Sexy authentication screens?  About time

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