Fans have been waiting for Deadpool 3 since they left the theaters after Deadpool 2. Now the Canadian star of the movie, Ryan Reynolds may have spilled the beans himself at the fifth anniversary of the Test Footage Leak that started it all.

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What can we say, we fans love the Merc with the Mouth and ever since Disney bought Fox, we’ve been paralyzed with fear regarding Deadpool’s future. But earning almost a billion dollars and the dream casting of Reynolds was a bit of comfort to the fans.

Then 29th of July happened and we got the sweet, sweet tease of a new Deadpool movie on the works. Of course, like any other satire by Reynolds, this too came a bit tongue and cheek to say the least. He posted a conspiracy board on his Instagram, with the caption “Investigation heading into year 5. Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn. #LeakAversary”.

Now, it is one of those open secrets, where everyone knows who did it, yet we love playing coy. The board features people ranging from Betty White and Hugh Jackman to his wife Blake Lively and directors Tim Miller and Taika Waititi. Of course, through all of this, what caught the attention of the audience is the fact that “Phase 5” was highlighted.

To be noted here, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige announced the whole new slate of Marvel movies for Phase 4, where he did not mention any new Avengers project or X-Men movies. Though he did mention Mutants and Fantastic Four by name. Well us here at IONs believe Mutants to be a code for X-Men and X Force, featuring Deadpool.

The exclusion of an avengers movie after curtains draw of Infinity Saga is understandable, but the lack of any X-Men movies might be Disney and Marvel’s way of cooling down the franchise after the train-wreck performance of the recent X-Men movies, especially the last iteration of the series, Dark Phoenix. But given the money-making reputation of Deadpool, we don’t think the suits at Disney will keep fans waiting for the Chimichanga chewing Anti Hero for long.

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