Dell unveils convertible 13-inch laptop with edge-to-edge display

Dell XPS 13 convertible

Building upon some big updates to it’s 13-inch XPS laptop, Dell upped it’s game to make a 2-in-1 version.  According to Windows Central, the convertible XPS has what looks like an edge-to-ege display, similar to the Infinity Edge has popped up on Dell’s website.  There are not many details yet, but if Dell can build on the impressive design it brought last year, it could be a standout at CES 2017

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The first XPS 13 that Dell showed off in 2015 was a serious look at the future for laptops.  Since then, Microsoft has given laptop makers more reasons to try to build and sell modular touch-able devices, with the unveiling of the Surface Studio computer and it’s Surface Dial.  It stands to reason that convertible laptops are quickly become the standard for a Windows laptop in 2017

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