Have you ever once thought that there really needs to be more good news stories in the world, about people who just genuinely care and things that are impressively more human and less about humans.  Well, the incredible biologists from the Department of Environmental Protection in New Jersey somehow removed a hunting arrow from a deer’s head. The arrow had completely pierced through the head, but with the help of the biologists the deer is alive and well now and back in the wild.

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A local farmer spotted the hurt 5-month-old male deer, who was still standing and doing deer things, and contacted Fish and Wildlife for help on November 1st. They told her to put out corn feed in her yard in hopes of getting the deer back. She did that everyday while Fish and Wildlife staff members staked out her property in hopes of saving the deer.

Days later, the deer came back and was tranquilized for the arrow removal process.

And that’s your happy, biologists-for-the-win, story of the day!


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