Matt Damon on Edward Snowden: He Did a Great Thing [VIDEO]


In an interview posted quietly on YouTube, the actor best know for portraying a covert secret agent with a government hunting him down, goes on record as saying that Edward Snowden “did a great thing”

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The video appears to have had little traffic and features Matt Damon one on one with a foreign journalist. On the topic of Edward Snowden, Damon had some favorable things to say about the leaker

I haven’t read everything that he’s leaked,” he offers. He goes on to say that Snowden seems like a “conscientious guy.” He went on to describe the leaks as “pretty shocking.”

“On balance, I think that it’s a great thing that he did.” – Matt Damon on Edward Snowden

Damon also waded deep into the freedom vs. security debate.

“If we’re going to trade our civil liberties for our security, then that should be a decision that we collectively make,” he said.

Damon has become critical of the current US government after becoming a spokesperson for change during the 2008 election that swept President Obama into the White House

[Via Cnet]

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