Concrete Comes to Life

Self healing Concreate
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In the year 2015, there are all sorts of futuristic products available. Science and technology are more exciting than ever. With cars that can drive themselves and robots that clean for us, it’s hard to imagine what they’ll come up with next. The next big thing may just be concrete that has the ability to “heal” itself.

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“We have invented bioconcrete — that’s concrete that heals itself using bacteria,”

If you’ve ever worked with this building material than you know how frustrating it is when cracks appear. This may be a thing of the past with cement that is being called bioconcrete. This product is mixed the same as your standard cement, with the only difference being the addition of the healing agent. This agent stays dormant until a crack appears, becomes active and fills the gab. Like magic! Who knew a little bacillus bacteria could take on such a tricky job?

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