Concept Sit Atop Waves, Eats Garbage


Our Planet’s oceans are pretty messy.  Every time we throw garbage down the sink, it finds its way out to sea.  It is estimated that there are about 6 tons of plastic floating in collected ‘islands‘ around the world.  19-year Old Boyan Slat came up with a badass looking way to clean them up.

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Leave it to a young man to make an Ocean Cleaning device look like a monster.  The Ocean Cleanup Array looks a lot like a giant garbage-eating Manta Ray.

The Array is a simple device: it sits atop the waves and swallows garbage that comes to its ‘mouth’.  Naturally occurring Gyres, swirling currents, collect the garbage into bunched, creating the Garbage Islands.

All the array has to do is sit on a gyre and all the trash in the island would, theoretically, float into it.

The project is still in a test phase, and its unsure if it would even work.  If you want to get involved by volunteering funds or time, you can do your part here

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