Concept: iPhone Projection [Video]


The idea of projection keyboards and screens has not only proved to be a reality, but it has become a fascination to some.  Being able to project an HD image from a miniature projector is the holy grail of imagery.  A projected keyboard you can take anywhere and display anyplace beats a physical keyboard anytime.  With a little ‘transformative’ embellishment, this concept animation stuck both inside a fictional iPhone 6.  Video after the jump.

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While there is no chance this is what Apple has cooking for the new iPhone 6, its pleasant to dream about.  Imagine the toll this could take on your battery life.

In all seriousness, while the concept is beyond far-fetched (read: not going to happen) the idea of a project keyboard is tantalizing.  Displaying keyboards on any surface is an idea whose time has come, and while it might be impractical to stuff such a system into a tiny iPhone, maybe, just maybe, we can say ‘one day’.

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