At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the world’s leading manufacturers will present their latest hardware offerings:  everything from drones to televisions, smart toilets and smart belt-buckles will be shown off at exclusive media keynotes starting on January 6th.  Here’s what you can expect this year:

What is CES 2020?

CES is short for the Consumer Electronics Show, and it is every January’s annual trade show in Las Vegas that centres around the newest consumer electronics technologies and gadgets. As a trade show, CES is not open to consumers themselves, with participants having to submit credentials in advance to score an invitation to the Las Vegas Convention Center where it is hosted.

This year, we’re expecting to see a landslide of announcements from the show, and that includes some larger companies that have already made big announcements prior to the show’s start, such as Samsung, who unveiled their new Galaxy S10 Lite, and Galaxy note 10 Lite

When is CES 2020?

CES2020 will start off with introduction keynotes on January 5th, but most of the big news won’t happen until the companies themselves take the stage to show off their latest offerings starting January 6th.  On January 7th, the show opens, letting attendees get up close with all the vendors up until January 10th.

Here’s a helpful map showing the intense looking landscape, which has taken over multiple hotels on multiple city blocks.

The CES 2020 schedule

CES2020 will, as usual be overrun with events, for both media only and general admission.  In fact, the week-long schedule is too full to see everything.  This is where we come in, of course.  We’ll try to make some predictions, and try and make sense of the never-ending predictions and events.

Trends at CES 2020

It’s a lot of fun to try and predict trends at CES ahead of time.  Remember Drones?

This year, we’re expecting a lot of hype for 5G, in the form of faster connected phones, appliances, cars and pretty much everything else.  Always expect to hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence, as it’s a trend that has been growing each year since 2017.  Like last year, we expect to see a bunch of 8k TVs.  Also, this year is the first year that sex toys are allowed to be part of the show.  So, that will definitely be a thing.

There has been a good deal of chatter this year about Robot Vacuums specifically.  Expect to see way more advanced versions of Roomba and company rolling around.  We also expect to see a lot of dual-screen PCs.  We’ll also see alot of push for 3D audio, and a wave of wireless earbuds.

There’s also a great deal of new car tech about to explode on the scene, as both new companies see the opportunities Tesla has made, and legacy car companies try and keep up with what Tesla is doing.  There’s talk of electric trucks, 3D printed cars and new add-in features for self-driving cars.

Who will be at CES 2020?

AMD at CES 2020
Keynote: Monday, January 6, 2pm

AMD has already announced a slate of mobile and desktop CPUs coming this year, so we likely won’t see a line refresh.  We could see a successor to the 7nm Radeon VII GPU they showed off at last year’s CES.

Apple at CES 2020

Keynote: Tuesday, January 7, 1pm

Apple never makes a big show of CES: they have their own yearly events to hold.  Instead they will host a roundtable to share their company views on privacy, alongside executives from both Facebook and the FTC.  Bloomberg is reporting they will show off a bit of their HomeKit platform, using the time to show off new hardware from partners like Philips and Belkin.

General Motors at CES 2020

Keynote: None

GM cancelled their CES 2020 conference appearence, saying their could not finish their fully-electric self driving car they wanted to show off, blaming a strike in October.  GM will hold their own event sometime in January.

Intel at CES 2020

Keynote: Monday, January 6, 4pm

Intel usually comes to CES to show off it’s newest chipsets, dropping the Ice Lake CPU last year.  Expect more of the same, but with something slightly more advanced.

LG at CES 2020

Keynote: Monday, January 6, 8am

LG has a history of using CES to announce EVERYTHING IT CAN.  Rolling TVs, smart dishwasher, touchscreen fridges, coffee brewing systems, that steaming closet.  LG already announced three new LG Gram laptops back on December 11th, and another 2 in 1 laptop later on, so don’t expect much in the way of computers.

LG has said they will showcase a new line of 8k TVs this year, which according to the Consumer Technology Association are the first to actually receive 8k Ultra HD certification.  LG is calling them the first “real 8k TVs”, no doubt throwing some shade on Samsung’s currently 8k line up, which have yet to receive the same certification.

LG has also said they will announce a new lineup of soundbars for 2020, featuring something called AI Room Calibration.  Supposedly, the new feature adjusts automatically to the acoustics of the room they are in.

Of course, LG will also show off a roll-down OLED TV that will unfurl not up, but down from the ceiling.  They showed off their first rollable OLED last year, which retracted into a furniture-like base stand.  What will this one roll up into?

Nvidia at CES 2020

Keynote: ?

Nvidia is expected to show off their new Shield TV and Shield TV pro line, which were already unveiled in October.  We could also see some new graphics cards.

OnePlus at CES 2020

Keynote: ?

OnePlus has teased an appearance at CES, which would be their first.  What will they show off?  On December 17th, the company let it slip that they planned to use the show to show off the Concept One.

It’s unclear exactly what this device is, exactly.  Some have suggested it’s a foldable phone, others think it’s more holographic or AR.  OnePlus will also show off new wireless earbuds and possibly an OnePlus 8 Lite.

Samsung at CES 2020

Keynote: ?

Samsung is always at CES.  In the past they’ve used the show to show off 4K TVs, 8K TVs and more.  For 2020, it is expected that they will show off their bezel-less QLED TVs, as well as some new computing gear.

As per usual, Samsung will also use CES to show off it’s newest C-Lab projects.  These are hardware products that come to life via the in-house startup incubator, giving Samsung employees the freedom to bring their ideas to the market.  Previous C-Lab projects have included virtual keyboards, hair analyzers, virtual sunlight and a interactive robot.

Sony at CES 2020

Keynote: 5 p.m. PT on Monday, January 6

Television.  Sony uses CES as a platform for it’s newest TV line and thats pretty much it.  We could see a teaser for either the PS5, Playstation VR 2, or both.

TCL at CES 2020

Keynote: Monday, January 6, 12pm

TLC announced a huge amount of new tech at IFA2019, but never really announced information about a US launch.  Expect details about their new soundbar and headphones, as well as maybe getting a peak at new 4K TVs, 8K LED TVs, and/or a mini LED 8K tv.

Qualcomm at CES 2020

Keynote: Monday, January 6, 11am

Qualcomm JUST announced their new tech at the Snapdragon Tech summit, so don’t expect anything new at CES.  The company will likely use their time to showcase development in 5G tech as well as applications for home and self-driving cars.

We’ll be keeping tabs on all the latest pre-, post- and during CES news and announcements, so check back for the latest on CES 2020.

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