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The World’s First Hoverboard

Many are the debates that rage around the future of science and technology, concerning thorny ethical dilemmas and seemingly intractable issues of public policy....

Best of 2017 // #90: Smart Sign Language

'Talking' in American Sign Language takes a lot of dexterity from human hands.  Even the individual letters of the alphabet often take all five...
Yota2 Smarhpone

That’s Yota2, not Yoda: eInk comes to Smartphones

Have you heard about the Yota2?  No, its got nothing to do with the new Star Wars film coming out later this year and...

Here Active Listening: Control The World of Sound

You're in your local cinema with people inconsiderate enough to talk over your movie. Or you're on the red-eye flight out and need sleep,...
M-11 Copyboard

The Most Advanced Dry Erase Board Ever

Nothing says Office Presentation like a White Board.  They're ubiquitous for those dreaded meetings: boring, dull, lame presentations no one will remember in an...

Phonebloks – Could it really work?

It’s early days for the Phonebloks project and I’m not entirely convinced if the actual logistics work. The idea is simple – A phone...

New Fiber Optic cables hit 10TB/sec

Researchers at the University of Southampton in Jolly Old England have developed a new fiber optic cable which allow speeds of 10 Terabytes per...

Batteries that Stretch; the wave of the Future

Stretchy electronics may seem like something out of a science fiction book; a computer that can be attached to any surface? Yeah, science fiction,...

Google Study Sheds Light on SmartPhone Usage

A new study by Google shows that there has been an increase in addiction to mobile devices is also prevalent especially with ownership of...
tony hawk overboard Hendo

Tony Hawk Helps Design the Hendo 2.0 Hoverboard

You may or may not remember the hoverboard prank that skate legend Tony Hawk was involved in last year. Well, Hawk returns to help build a...

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