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U.K. Government Wants Neighbours To Spy on Each Other

Go neighbours you really can't stand?  Want to get them in a bit of trouble with the powers that be so they'll finally turn...
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Bike Lock Tech To Protect Your Data

If you are like me, sometimes you can sleep right, knowing that all your data could be out there unsecured, easily hackable.  Well, sleep...
Bitcoin Blockchain

The future of Cyber Security in the Fintech Era

Fintech is a great ecosystem. It has managed to disrupt the old-fashioned finance bubble while also making people realize that money exchange, investments, insurance,...

Tips For A Stronger Internet Passwords

Noticed the other day on a news site about the most used passwords, not sure how many people were surveyed but the top ten...

Swiss Cloud set to be the Swiss bank accounts of Cloud Services

A Switzerland-based telecom company Swisscom might be the new Swiss bank account for some companies.  In the wake of leaks from former National Security...
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Apple to Argue Case to Congress

According to the Associated Press, Apple will bring its case against the F.B.I to the attention of federal judges. It is believed that Apple...
10 Million passwords and Usernames Dumped Into the Public Domain

One Researcher just made 10 million UserNames and Passwords Public

Researcher and Security consultant Mark Burnett has just published 10 million usernames along with their passwords.  It's meant to help other researchers, but in...
NSA hacked

Hackers Steal ‘Cyber Weapons’ From NSA

Hackers claim to have infiltrated an elite hacking unit known as the Equation Group, which is widely speculated to be an offshoot of the National...

This is the App Jihadists use

Berlin-based startup Telegram is about privacy and security.  It boasts two layers of encryption and is proud of its claim to be ‘more secure’ than rival Facebook’s WhatsApp.  Users can message friends and family privately, send files and images securely,… Continue Reading

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