The Best of 2013 // #88: The Storms On Saturn

A video released by NASA in April showed a massive, pole-locked hurricane system swirling over Saturn's North Pole. /READ MORE// Juno Mission enters Orbit around Jupiter The Cassini...
Elon Musk, Journey to the red planetvideo

Elon Musk Outlines Plans to Go to Mars

Elon Musk has always aimed for Mars. The SpaceX and Tesla founder spoke to the International Astronautical Congress and showed off a video detailing exactly how...
Best of 2014: Science - exoplanet

BEST OF 2014 // #88: Stellar Explosion

In the first month of 2014, astronomers looked into space and watched as two stars went Supernova and provided a huge glimpse into an...

Physicists See Potential Dark Matter from the Sun

A stream of x-rays being spewed from the sun could be the first ever concrete detection of dark matter, and it's mysterious axion particle...
Planck observations of the universe

The Universe is Alot Older Than We Thought

NASA went ahead and announced that they have figured out the NEW true age of the Universe.  The Planck space telescope made accurate measurements...
After The Polar Vortex, Its Time For A Massive Solar Storm.

After The Polar Vortex, Its Time For A Massive Solar Storm.

Nature is currently at its theatrical best. After making the upper northern hemisphere shiver and freeze by unleashing a polar vortex, it made the...
Solar Flare, Solar Fury

Best of 2012 // #13: Solar Fury

Back at the tail of summer, our very own Sun sent out a cloud of plasma.  At speeds of over 900 miles per second,...

Incredible Images of Pluto from NASA

Pluto has just gotten a close up shot for the first time in almost 10 years.  Although photos have been taken of this planet...
Gecko Grippers

Gecko Grippers Tested in Microgravity

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Cosmos

Cosmos Premiere: Does Society Care about Science?

"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” premiered yesterday night.* This reboot is an update on the original series, which was produced by (possibly) the most beloved...