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Microsoft Is Working on a Foldable Mobile Device of Its Own

Apple isn’t the only one working on a new foldable smartphone. Just a few short weeks after it was discovered that the Cupertino-based tech...
Windows 10

Windows 10 will be ‘the last version’ of Windows

Microsoft has officially announced that Windows 10 will be their last launch of the platform.  Jerry Nixon, a developer at Microsoft, made the announcement...

How To Create a Password Recovery Disk for Windows XP

It can happen to the best of us:  you've been accidentally locked out of your PC.  You finally find a way back in, but...

Microsoft Pulls Windows RT 8.1

Microsoft has taken down its Windows RT 8.1 update until further notice after several users reported the update resulted in bricked devices and lost...

Microsoft Creates Holographic Communication Through HoloLens

With the announcement of Microsoft’s HoloLens being available for pre-order, the anticipation for the virtual reality system has only been increasing. Now it seems as...
Microsoft Building

How to Watch Today’s Microsoft Event

Microsoft's fall event, "Imagine What You'll Do' is hours away, and that means we'll soon get loads of new info on all kinds of...
Project XRay

Microsoft’s misleading HoloLens Robot Battle

We all eye-gasmed while watching Microsoft's on-stage HoloLens demo. But like magicians of old, there is a good deal of sleight of hand about....

Swap Notepad for MetaPad

Metapad is a lot like Notepad for Windows: both a light, basic text editors, but Metapad is actually good. /READ MORE// How To Covert PDF to...
Windows Blue

Windows Blue coming this Summer?

Windows Blue has been rumoured for some time now - a routine, yearly upgrade that has been rumoured through journalists and job postings.  According...
Bill Clinton And Bill Gates Address Financial Summit In D.C.

Bill Gates isn’t impressed with Google’s Project Loon.

Google's ambitious plan to launch blimps into parts of the globe to deliver internet to parts of the world that don't get proper coverage...

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