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Audi Q7 touchscreen dashboard

Audi unveils the Virtual Cockpit and MMI

Volkswagen spent a good deal of time showing off the new gesture controls on the Golf R Touch, and with good reason; they're dazzling....

Razer Built a Crazy Laptop With Three Monitors

PC gaming may not usually make its way to our viral pages, but some creations are just too crazy to pass up. Such is...
espresso ice cubes

Espresso Ice Cubes Are An Easy Way to Supercharge Iced Coffee

This is the best idea ever.  It's perfect for summer, fall, morning, evening you name it:  Instead of making Ice cubes with regular coffee,...
North American International Auto Show

Ford talks up future goals in mobility at NAIAS 2016

The Detroit Auto Show NAIAS 2016. Ford brought Ryan Seacrest up onto the stage here for a thoroughly scripted “interview” with its two top...

Siri vs. Alexa: Is Apple Getting Into the Smart Speaker Game?

It appears that the rumor mill has gone into full tilt in the lead-up to Apple’s upcoming WWDC event: there are reports that the Cupertino giant is...