If you’ve always wanted to make scifi film inside of two days with your friends, and you live in the U.K., this is the moment you’ve been training for.  SciFi London is launching a “48 Hour Film Challenge” on April 5th at the Apollo West End.  Participants will get a randomly generated name for their movie, a single prop, and some dialog.  They’ll then have two days to turn that into a movie “no shorter than 3 minutes, and no longer than 5 minutes” by April 7th.  Grab the popcorn.

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Other that the restrictions mentioned above, the only limit is the film-makers imagination.

Oh, one other rule:

Use of a time machine or other similar instrument to stop the normal passage of time, giving you say 3 weeks to make a film in what seems like just a weekend to the rest of us – well, that is cheating and we won’t stand for it – unless of course you use some kind of mind control and erase any knowledge of this rule or your cheating or the fact that the time machine was invented…

Judges this year include director John Landis.  Winning entries will recieve a video camera as their prize.  For more information check out the site below.

Sci-Fi London [official site]

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