California To Test Digital Licence Plates


Everything has become so high-tech in the past few years: Smart TVs, Smart Refrigerators – even my coffee machine tells me what time it is. However, one leftover from the Stone Age way of doing things has recently been given an upgrade in California. That’s right, License Plates have gone electronic.

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The state’s senate has approved a bill to create the country’s (perhaps the world’s) first digital license plate. Read the fine print, and its clear it’s only for the creation of a pilot program, which runs until 2017. However, the idea is interesting and could really take driving into the 20th century.

Talk about catching up.

California could be the first place to get Licence Plates that are not just useless metal

Aside from being cool, it should save the California DMV about $20 Million USD in postage. That’s right. Million with a ‘wow’. Renewal stickers are sent out to such a huge amount of people, it costs a fortune to get everyone their stickers.

The company holding the patent, Smart Plate Mobile, is based out of San Francisco, so this move does make a ton of sense.

The ePlates from Smart Plate Mobile are able to show Amber Alert Messages, Traffic information and even Ads at stopped lights.

Its a small move forward,

but hopefully the idea of Digital Plates could be used for far better applications in the future: allowing computer guided driving, getting emergency signals to outside parties, or maybe allowing other drivers and policemen information about the car’s technical or mechanical status.

[Via Daily Tech]

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