Business Cards get an Upgrade


One of the few things to remain without upgrade in our all-connected business world is the humble little business card. They say you are proud of your job and love what you do. They can also say ‘I’m looking for a job, here’s why I deserve a shot’. In both cases, business cards have become a dime a dozen: standard templates, sizes, and logos – nothing that stands out in a crowd. Enter the touch-enabled business card.

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Jack Kickliter, former Navy technician, used his electronic expertise to create a touch-sensitive card – really a printer circuit board. When a person touches the card, the LEDs go off in a circular pattern. While its nothing earth-shaking, it is unusual, and enough to make a potential head hunter stop and think about the ramifications.

While Kickliter’s design is nifty and eye catching, the possibilities are endless. Could a touch-enabled card be one stop access for a resume or portfolio, with instant downloads or links send to the receivers Smartphone? Could the card change, visually, with a mere touch?

Kickliter has plenty of details on how to make your own in the video. If a business card if a way for potential career paths, this one will certainly help you get remembered.

[Via Dvice]

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