Boston Dynamics Latest Robot Creation Can Open Doors for Other Robots


After bringing us a series of parkour robots, Boston Dynamics recently showed off its latest terrifying robot creation, a door opening robot. Although seemingly harmless on paper a new video released by the American engineering and robotics design company has the Internet trembling in fear.

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In the video released by the MIT spin-off, one of its latest Spot Mini robots is seen walking up to a closed door standing still when with the obstacle. Then the robot looks to its left to call in another Spot Mini sporting a back appendage. As the second robot walks into frame it begins to use its back appendage to open and hold the door for the first Spot Mini. Once the two terrifying robots make their way into the room the video ends.

Watch the video of the Boston Dynamics Spot Mini robot opening the door for another Spot Mini above and let us know what you think about the current state of robotics.

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