Blogger Matt Hamer has had some trouble using his TurboTax program to get his taxes to the Government of the USA.  Hamer has spent a lot of time trying to make TurboTax work, including installing the program on different computers only to get the same result.  He found the solution buried in a TurboTax support forum, but it cost him money.

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“On the first run of my brand new $49.95 (after $20 rebate) TurboTax Premier, I was presented with a number of confidence-inspiring error dialogs.”

Each support call to TurboTax costs $10 USD “per incident”.  The whole ordeal left Hamer feeling this way:

“Next year I ll try TaxCut, or give up trying to understand my taxes and hire a professional.”

Maybe I’ll avoid TurboTax as well, this year.

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