After enjoying success in its home country, French innovators Blade announced plans to introduce Shadow, its remote computer subscription services, to the US at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

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Blade’s Shadow service centers around remote PC access, for a cost. The company utilizes top-of-the-line Windows 10 PCs, which subscribers may access from any device. Any operating software can connect, allowing for users to remotely utilize a fully operable, up-to-date computer from anywhere with internet service.

Gamers are part of Shadow’s target market, as Blade claims to rival the CPU performance of an Intel Core i7.

Blade’s Shadow is able to play games in both HD and 4K and can stream 4K video without latency issues. Network infrastructure is already in place to support 15 megabits per second bandwidth, and Blade has partnered with industry leaders like AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Equinix to maximize capabilities.

Currently boasting over 5,000 French subscribers, Blade Shadow aims to roll out service across the U.S. in summer 2018 with service in California beginning February 15. Plans run from $50 USD for a single month to $420 USD for a year, and pre-orders on its website begin today.

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